The Real-Life Trauma of a Rejected Work Compo Claim

When a work compo claim is rejected you are likely to feel upset, angry and disappointed. These emotions are completely the norm and understandable. You have suffered an injury and as well as suffering pain, you have financial burdens to deal with as well.

Suffering a workplace injury is traumatic experience. Work injuries are common and they have an enormous impact on people’s lives. Here is an example of a person who has suffered a work injury and what they have to go through;

  • The shock, fright or trauma from the work accident
  • The physical pain from their injuries sustained
  • The upset and strain caused for themself, their family and friends
  • The stress of whether or not their injuries will heal
  • The financial stress of not being able to return to work
  • The embarrassment of the injury and sadness of not seeing their work friends and being part of the team
  • The impact injuries have on day to day life for example not being able to do normal everyday chores such as driving, taking the children to school or walking the dog
  • The worry of getting to and from appointments to focus on rehabilitation and getting well
  • The anger and upset that their injury could have been prevented
  • The terrible feeling of why did this happen to me, how could this have happened and am I entitled to compensation
  • The stress of a serious injury and never being able to return to work means financially a family could be in serious trouble
  • The stress of dealing with a long term disability and organising around the clock care
  • The awful feeling of when a workers compo claim is rejected and feeling of hopelessness

These are just some of the feelings and scenarios a worker who suffers an injury has to deal with. So if you know someone who has suffered a work injury and never returned to work you know what they might be going through.

The important thing to remember is that people have rights under the law. Work compensation is available to protect workers and employers when a work accident occurs. Rather than worry and stress and try to fight a battle with a workers’ comp insurer such as Work Cover you can contact an injury helpline for free information, support and forms. An injury helpline can refer you to a lawyer who can fight for fair on your behalf.

Even if a work compensation claim is rejected you may still win the fight. You just need to get the right people with the right skills on your side to assist.

Yes a work accident is awful. Yes dealing with debilitating injuries is horrendous. Yes having to cope with a rejected work cover claim is stressful. Reach out and seek all the support that is available to you. A legal expert can get you the compensation you are entitled to, to relieve the financial stress so you can focus on getting well.