Is there a work compensation law firm to help fight for a Work Cover claim?

What is Work Cover?

Work Cover is compulsory work compensation insurance that has the purpose to protect the employees of an organisation working in Australia. Work cover not only protects an individual from injury and/or illness while they are carrying out their day to day tasks but also cover them when they are getting to and from work.

Did you know that if you have been injured at work that you may be entitled to make a Work compensation claim?

When injuries are serious and you can’t return to work

In the event that you cannot return to work due to the workplace injury or illness the work cover benefits can compensate you by paying for example your wage or salary for the time that you are unable to work. There are a range of expenses that work cover can potentially look after (depending on the individuals circumstances), these include:

•    A weekly compensation (to cover loss of wage).

•    Rehabilitation treatment.

•    Medical expenses.

•    Traveling expenses.

•    Death Benefits.

If an injury or illness is serious enough to warrant work compensation a medical certificate from a doctor is required to support any given claim.

What if my work accident happened as a result of negligence?

If the incident occurs at work is a result of negligence (where you may or may not be at fault) you may still be entitled to work compensation. For this reason if you are injured at work it is always strongly advised that you consult a work compensationlaw firm.

Why should I contact a law firm?

Contacting a law firm is the first step you take to obtaining work compensation. Finding a law firm with the right speciality can be a hard task and choosing the wrong law firm can leave you without any form of compensation for your injury. For this reason it is best to contact an injury helpline who can connect you with highly skilled legal advice that have expertise for your personal situation.

How will I ever afford a lawyer at a law firm?

The concern about whether you can or cannot afford a lawyer this is not an issue when dealing with Work Cover. A Work Compensation hotline offers to find you free legal advice with the terms of no win no fee. This removes any unnecessary stress on your finances at this difficult time.