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Work Compensation website is owned and operated by the Australian Injury Helpline. This independent organisation provide free information on work compensation and law to workers who have suffered workplace injuries or injury.Australian Injury Helpline Work Compensations

If required, the Australian Injury Helpline offer a free to use referral service to selected law firms who offer free legal advice and take injury cases on a no win no fee basis.

If you have been injured at work you have a right to claim work compensation. If your injury is permanent you may be entitled to a lump sum payment. If your injury happened as a result of someone elses negligence, you may be entitled to a common law claim (or negligence claim).

In certain States or Territories you can only go to common law if a lump sum payment has never been accepted. In certain States or Territories thresholds may apply. For information specific to your State or Territory call 1300 430 834.

There are different laws that apply to workers comp depending on which State or Territory your injury took place. Your rights to work compensation will depend on a number of factors. It is best to get all the facts to hand allowing you to make an informed decision.

If you need free legal advice from a compensation lawyer, we can connect you with one who will assess your injury case free of charge.

If you choose to engage a lawyer to assist you with your matter, we recommend law firms who take cases on a no win no fee basis. No win no fee means there are no up front or ongoing costs. Legal fees and costs are reasonable and are only payable at the end of your claim when you have received your compensation. Costs and legal fees are ONLY payable if your claim is successful. In certain States or Territories there are no legal fees or costs as these are covered by the insurance company.

The Australian Injury Helpline has been active since the year 2000 and have provide information on Workers Comp right across Australia. Be informed and get connected today by calling 1300 430 834.

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