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Get the facts on work compensation based on where the injury happened. Employers, work compensation insurers (for example work cover) and law firms can all give you the run around with their own hidden agendas. Avoid any conflict of interest by talking to us on 1300 430 834.

The Australian Injury Helpline offer a free helpline service and provide honest information based on facts. They can arrange specialist law advice if required. They will also connect you with a reputable law firm offering a good service and of the right size. Click here to find out more about the law firms we work with.

By calling the helpline on 1300 430 834 you can find out more about workers compwork cover, lump sum payments and common law claims.  you can also find out more about the law of negligence and the Workers Compensation Act.


FACT 1: You are entitled to Work Compensation if you have suffered an injury at work. You are entitled regardless of who is at fault and regardless of the State or Territory of Injury

FACT 2: Australian States and Territories have different laws. Your work compensation entitlements will depend on where your injury happened. For work compensation information specific to your State call 1300 430 834

FACT 3: If your injury is serious or permanent you must speak with a lawyer. You may be entitled to a lump sum payment or a common law claim. Call1300 430 834 to get connected

FACT 4: If your injury happened as a result of negligence you may be entitled to a common law claim

FACT 5: NEVER accept an offer of compensation unless you have received legal advice first. You could be signing away your future rights to claim call 1300 430 834

FACT 6: Even if your claim has been rejected or disputed you may be able to challenge and change the decision

FACT 7: The Australian Injury helpline have been providing free information and connecting people with lawyers for over 11 years

FACT 8: Finding a lawyer you can trust can prove to be a difficult task. Be cautious and go with a lawyer who is recommended call 1300 430 834

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