Law in Australia

Copy of WI_Work_Injury_Claims_420The law in Australia varies between each State or Territory. Your work compensation rights will very much depend on where your workplace injuries happened. Even if you live in one State but work across the border in another, the work compensation law of the State where the injury happened will apply.

If you have suffered workplace injuriesin Australia you will be entitled to work compensationbenefits. Just suffering an injury at work is enough to be able to receive the benefits regardless of who is at fault (law of negligence).

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Most of the statutory benefits are the same across Australia and these include;

• Payment of wages or salary
• Payment of out of pocket expenses and these may include:

  • Medical and hospital expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Travel expenses

However, if your workplace injuriesoccurred as a result of negligence, the laws in Australia become very different and your rights will depend on where your injury happened. The best thing to do it call: 1300 430 834 and we can provide you with the facts on work compensationin your particular State or Territory.

Here are a few things you need to be aware of:

Different entitlements apply

In some parts of Australia you may have greater entitlements to injury compensation particularly if your accident happened as a result of negligence. And this means there are different levels of compensation available in each State or Territory. (See law of negligence page).

Time limits apply

You have to lodge a claim within a variety of given time limits under the laws of each State or Territory and so it is wise to get the right information sooner rather than later by calling 1300 430 834.

Thresholds may apply

If you have suffered a permanent injury then the extent of the injury may determine whether or not you can proceed to common law. Different thresholds apply. For example, in some States if the permanent injury is considered to be 1 percent, you may still proceed to common law, but in other parts of Australia, the injury has to be much more severe in order to be entitled to compensationunder common law.


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