Work Compensation injuries and your rights to claim the right compensation

Have you had a slip, trip or fall at work? Or perhaps you have suffered RSI due to working on a desktop computer? Work Compensation injuries All injuries at work may be compensated and it is very important to get the right advice and follow the right protocol. There is a step by step process that needs to be adhered to after suffering an injury and these typical steps are as follows.

Get the right medical advice

Seeing your GP or visiting the hospital if you have a more serious injury is extremely important. Sometimes what you do or don’t do following an injury can have an impact on the recovery process and it may take you longer to recover from your injury. You injury may even worsen so it is really important to firstly get the right advice and follow instructions from a medical professional.

Reporting the injury to your employer

You must tell your employer that you have had an injury as they need to document such events. If you fail to do so they may not be able to process a work compensation claim for you.

Getting the right legal advice

Speaking to those in the know who can explain the whole process to you will be a great help and you will be able to grasp an understanding of your rights and entitlements to compensation. for free advice and to find out everything you need to know call the Work Compensation helpline on 1300 430 834.

Lump sum payments

If you are made an offer of a lump sum payment then it is recommended you seek legal advice before you sign or accept an offer. Once you have signed there may be no going back. You may think the amount offered is sufficient but the question is – is it really? How do you know? Does it cover all your costs and foreseeable costs in the future? Does it cover your future losses if you have to leave a job? There may be many things you haven’t even thought of. By contacting Work Compensation you can discuss whether or not it is a fair amount based on your legal rights and entitlements. You can be connected with a lawyer who will advise you to either accept or reject the offer. If a law firm or work compensation lawyer advises you to reject it is because you are entitled to do much more and it will be worthwhile pursuing this course of action as it will benefit you more so.

Often a call to a Work Compensation injury helpline can make a huge difference to your claim amount. Make the call today and don’t be left with insufficient compensation that falls short of what you are legally entitled to.