Work Compensation

Work compensation – be in the know!

Being injured at work can have a detrimental impact on a persons life. Getting the right compensation under the law won’t happen automatically. In order to be properly awarded you must seek counsel. Getting the right advice is paramount to the success of a work injury claim. To find out what you can claim call 1300 430 834. One call might make a huge difference to your Work Cover claim.

A work compensation claim (or Work Cover claim) doesn’t just include statutory benefits. You may also be entitled to a common law claim if your injury is permanent and as a result of negligence.

If you have been injured at work you may be entitled to thousands of dollars in work compensation. Work compensation laws are different across the country under the applicable Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Legislation in each State or Territory.

All work compensation schemes allow you to claim regardless of who is at fault.

Benefits to workers might include: payment of wages, hospital and medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses and other reasonable related expenses including travel. Under some work compensation schemes you are also able to claim if you are travelling to or from work call 1300 430 834 or for more information complete the form below.

You may also be entitled to a lump sum payment if your injury is serious or permanent

Call the Australian Injury Helpline on 1300 430 834 for the right information about injury compensation.

If you have been offered a lump sum payment from work cover or an insurer call the Australian Injury Helpline for a second opinion. Never accept an offer of work compensation from work cover without getting independent advice first.

Work cover claims that include a lump sum payment are usually offered when an injury is permanent. If your injury is stabilising it is in your best interest to avoid negotiating anything. You must wait until your injury is stable before proceeding.

Your work cover claim may exclude some entitlements such as those under common law. A common law claim is injury compensation usually awarded when someone else was at fault causing and professional advice is recommended. Call the Australian Injury Helpline to be connected with an approved legal professional by calling 1300 430 834. The legal professionals we work with offer free legal advice, a free case review and take cases on a no win no fee basis.

If you suffer workplace injuries it is important to follow these steps;

Step 1. Report injury to employer and any other relevant authorities i.e. the police (if you are in a car accident on the way to work for example)
Step 2. Lodge work compensation claim
Step 3. Get medical help – you must see a doctor
Step 4. Call the Australian Injury Helpline on1300 430 834

Work place injuriescan leave people with injuries that have a direct impact financially and work cover claims do not take into account any future losses.

Sometimes employees have a dispute with work cover and suffer issues with pay or having medical expenses covered. A solicitor may be able to intervene if there is a dispute and get things back on track if you have any issues with work cover claims .

Injury compensation is a legal right and available to most workers who have suffered work place injuries in Australia.

To discuss injury compensation call the Australian Injury Helpline on 1300 430 834 and we will give you the facts on workers comp that has you the injured worker in mind and no one else.

Why do we have work compensation? In Australia, it is compulsory for employers to hold work compensation insurance. This protects both the employer and employer in case of workplace injuries ocurring. When an employee suffers workplace injuries, it is the work compensation insurer (for example work cover) who pays your workers comp and NOT your employer.


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