Work Cover Claims

Dealing with Work Cover can be overwhelming following a work accident. You are assigned a case officer to assist you with rehabilitation and getting you back to work. In the case of serious work injuries, employees cannot always return to work depending on the severity of injuries.

One thing you do ned to remember is that Work Cover are an insurer. They offer benefits but won’t say too much about benefits under common law. Outside of statutory work compensation there are non-statutory benefits available. In order to receive your full work compensation entitlements under the law you will need to speak to an independent organisation or helpline.

If you have been involved in a work accident you are protected under the law. If your injury is permanent and as a result of negligence, you may file a common law claim for negligence. This is a larger award of compensation as it considers future economic losses. You may also be awarded for pain and suffering.

A work cover claim may be quite confusing if you’ve never received work compensation before. It can be lodged by your employer following your injury at work. To get information on workcover and work compensation for workplace injuries.

workcover claims

Call 1300 430 834 For FREE Work Cover Information. Work cover claims need to be lodged by submitting a work compensation claim form. Your application for work cover can be submitted (or lodged) by your employer, by you or your doctor. Once the work cover claim form is submitted it is either accepted or rejected. If it is rejected call the Australian Injury Helpline on 1800 006 766. If your work cover claim is accepted, you will need to continue treatment by following a healthcare plan in order to rehabilitate and wait for your injury to stabilise.

Never negotiate work compensation with work cover or any other insurer until your injury has stabilised and to find out what this means and what happens next call 1300 430 834.

Work compensation work cover benefits are statutory benefits, which are benefits available to all workers who have suffered workplace injuries. These benefits may include:

• Payment of wages or salary
• Hospital expenses
• Medical expenses
• Rehabilitation expenses
• Car or home modification expenses
• Travelling expenses

For serious injuries workcover may offer a lump sum payment and this follows a medical appointment arranged by work cover to allocate a percentage of impairment for an injury. A percentage of impairment is given to a permanent injuries that indicates the severity. An Even if the injury is given a percentage of 0% you may still be offered and lump sum payment and if the injury was as a result of negligence you may proceed to common law..

If an injury was caused by someone else, or a company or organisation is responsible for the workplace accident you may be entitled to a common law claim which is a much larger compensation payout than that of a lump sum payment as it takes into consideration the future economic  losses as well as the past.

Work compensation workcover claims are mostly physical injuries, however, quite often workplace injuries can be psychological and this may include depression, anxiety and other mental health issues or disorders. In order to proceed to common law negligence must be clearly proven. For more information on workcover claims and negligence claims (common law claims) call the Australian Injury Helpline on 1300 430 834.


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