Work Safety. How to tell the boss you feel unsafe at work

It can be hard to speak up at work regarding work saftey when bosses are unapproachable. However, when it comes to safety your health, your life or those of others can be at safety work compensation

Unsafe working conditions are the major causes of workplace accidents in Australia each year. Many cases reported included losses of limbs, burns, back problems such as bulging discs, and RSI (repetitive stress injury or repetitive motion injuries) to name just a few.

If an injury could have been prevented or avoided, the employer could be considered negligent. An employer has a duty of care as do employees while they are at work. To discuss possible negligence you can contact the Australian Injury Helpline on 1800 006 766 or contact us.

On average we spend one third of our life at work. It is important to workers to feel ‘safe’. So how do you go about making suggested safety changes in the workplace? Here are some suggestions;

Get the support of your fellow workers

If you make the suggestion to your colleagues they will most likely offer their support. This way if the change is applied they will be accepting of the change and be expecting it as a change for good. You may wish to organise a petition if you believe this will be useful.

Talk to your safety officer or manager

It may be a good idea for you and a fellow worker to approach the management concerned. The power of two is better than one and your request may be taken more seriously.

When approaching management to request a change in working conditions, it is best to approach the subject tactfully and assertively. Going in with all guns blazing will put backs up and affect your relationship with your boss in a negative way.

work safety work compensationBringing about a positive change comes from a place where this is a change for the better and good for all parties concerned. All parties may include workers, employer and customers. As a worker you are in a good position to make safety suggestions from a more hands on perspective. If your request is reasonable there is a good chance your suggestions will be taken on board.

Ask your employer when he or she will get back to you with a response. A reasonable amount of time is 7-14 days. This gives you both a time frame to work towards.

What to do if your request is denied

If you have put in a reasonable request and your request has been dismissed you may take it up with WorkCover or other Work compensation insurer. By making them aware you may be able to make the change indirectly.