How a work place injury can affect your life and how work injury compensation can really help you on your path into a new future

work injury work compExperiencing a work place injury can have terrible consequences not just for you but a work injury also affects your family and friends and also may affect your finances in a huge way. Seeking a claim for injury compensation is recommended and not just for this reason but many others some of which are discussed in this article.

If you are in two minds about whether or not to pursue a work injury compensation claim this article may open your eyes as to why making a claim not only makes a difference to you can also make a difference in other peoples’ lives too including your work mates.

Why should you be compensated?

Work Compensation is your legal right and your employer has work compensation insurance as it is a legal requirement. When you take the matter further and seek a common law claim for work compensation, it is important to remember that the insurance company i.e. Work Cover pay the claim and it doesn’t come out of your employers’ pocket. Many people are unaware of this and so they are scared to take the matter further.

An injury can put you out of work for a long time and compensation should take the lost income and Super into account when awarding a lump sum payment. It is important to consult a lawyer or injury helpline before accepting an offer.

It might be hard to think about the future and a lawyer can assist you with calculating future foreseeable losses and expenses and this includes any wages, salary or Superannuation you might miss out on because of your changed circumstances due to injuries.

Injury compensation aims to reimburse a person for all expenses and losses and put a person back in the same financial position prior to the accident. This includes what wages or salary or possible bonuses you would have received over a course of time.

Why should someone take responsibility?

When a common law work compensation claim is settled it can bring a painful situation to a close and help you move on with your life. Also, the employer would have learned (we would hope) how to take better care of their employees through the prevention of further accidents of injuries occurring.

A work injury compensation payout that considers future economic losses can help you adapt to living your life with injuries. You may be able to modify your home of vehicle to suit your needs amongst other things.

What is negligence at work and how can it be prevented

Employers have a duty of care to their workers and need to ensure workplace safety. Whilst not all accidents are avoidable at work, employers need to take every reasonable measure to ensure any potential accidents are avoided. These precautions may include the following;-work safety work compensation

  • Workplace inductions for new staff
  • Safety precautions and procedures including work wear
  • Expected responsible work place conduct and behaviour

Examples of such cases include safety harnesses, hardhats and other safety clothing that must be worn in certain areas during certain tasks.

Work accidents happen

Work accidents do happen. When they occur the issue that is raised is one of ‘negligence’. Did an employer neglect their duty of care? It is a complex subject and one that a lawyer explores in further detail. An accident has many circumstances that need to be considered and taken into account. Everything needs to be reviewed and the right questions need to be asked. To get the right advice regarding your work accident call 1800 006 766

Negligence is far from black and white for every case is different. It may seem there wasn’t any negligence but when an accident is ‘preventable’ there may well be some negligence present. Employers have duties that may not be obvious and it is the job of a good lawyer to determine whether or not there has been negligence and who is deemed negligent.

Discussing negligence with your employer

Discussing negligence with an employer is generally not recommended. Speaking to an independent party such as a work compensation injury helpline or a reputable lawyer is recommended. What you need is an independent and unbiased review of your situation and the circumstances surrounding your accident. Getting to the bottom of the cause of an accident will determine where the negligence lies and who may be to blame or at least partially to blame.
Even if you think a work accident is your fault, never take the blame until you have discussed the accident with an independent party. There may be other factors that contributing to gthe accident occurring that had nothing to do with you.

Always seek advice

When you have had an accident always seek the advice of an injury helpline. They will put your mind at ease in terms of what you need to know and what you need to do. You will also find out where you stand legally and what work compensation you may be entitled to under the law in your State or Territory. Get the right advice today call 1800 006 766.

Do lawyers need to be involved following a work accident?

If you have suffered in a work accident having endured work injuries or perhaps been involved in a car accident on the way to or from work, you may be entitled to injury compensation. Depending on your specific circumstances you may or may not require the services of a lawyer. Call: 1800 006 766 for free advice today.fall workplace accident

Many of the people who contact the Work Compensation helpline have suffered an injury at work that has become ‘permanent’ or ‘debilitating’. In many cases, the work injuries have occurred as a result of someone else’s negligence. Negligence is a complex area and often only a lawyer can clearly determine who was negligent in situations of accidents as many factors need to be taken into account. Negligence can sometimes be shared between parties i.e. a worker and employer may be partly to blame for an accident occurring. If you have suffered and injury it is important to get advice even if you feel the accident was your fault. A lawyer can ask all the right questions to get a clear picture of where the workplace negligence lies if at all.

There are statutory entitlements and non-statutory entitlements. Non statutory entitlements are usually available outside of standard work compensation and the services of a lawyer are recommended in such cases.

The benefits of lawyers

When an injury is permanent, you may need to recover losses. This isn’t just referring to out of pocket expenses, it may also refer to future economic losses if the work accident has affected future earning capacity. For example, if a worker is unable to return to work following a work accident they may not be able to earn the same income again. The work injuries have affected the workers future income and this is considered a future economic loss.

If you have suffered a work accident and are unsure of your rights and entitlements to compensation contact Work Compensation and obtain free information, forms and advice that may benefit you and help you understand your rights, the law and where you stand legally.

No win no fee services

A reputable lawyer would never take on your claim if it wasn’t in your best interest to do so. An injury helpline can recommend the right lawyer who will give you up front honest and practical advice. Taking a case on a no win no fee basis means you can engage the services of a lawyer and at a low risk to you. Be careful of any no win no fee services agreements and understand everything carefully before accepting their no win no fee offer. A work mpensation helpline can assist you in this regard. Call 1800 006 766 for independent advice today.