How to Claim

Your work compensation rights will depend on where the work injury took place. Following the correct steps on how to claim and documenting everything is recommended.

If you have suffered workplace injuries, told your employer, lodged a claim (i.e. work cover) and have received appropriate medical attention the next steps to claim are:

Step 1. Call the Australian Injury Helpline on 1300 430 834 for independent, honest impartial information outlining your options for work compensation.  Our helpline operators are understanding and have experience providing work compensation information across the whole of Australia. As well as being approachable, we speak clearly in a language that’s easy to understand. We are not lawyers, but an independent organisation offering information that is right for you and can arrange specialist professional advice if required.

Step 2. If necessary, we arrange specialist advice with a reputable law firm and will brief them the facts on your behalf. The law firms we work with have the right expertise. The facts of your case will be outlined before they speak with you about injury compensation and recommendations.

Step 3. A legal professional will offer free legal advice under no obligation. They will outline the legal options available and next steps that can be taken. These recommendations will be specific to your circumstances based on the relevant Workers Compensation Act.

Step 4. If you choose to engage legal services the law firms we work with are hand-selected, trusted by us and will treat you respectfully, and as an individual. These law firms operate on a no win no fee basis covering the running cost of your claim so you won’t have to pay up front or ongoing costs. In some States or Territories there are no legal costs or fees at all as all costs are covered by the insurer i.e. work cover. The law firms we recommend charge reasonably and fairly for their services. Fees are based on how much work they do, NOT based on what work compensation you may get and this is very important. Only going to a recommended law firm is a must.

Work Compensation is owned and operated by an independent organisation the Australian Injury Helpline who have assisted thousands of injured workers in Australia since 2000. Information is free and when you get in touch you will be given the facts. Call 1300 430 834.

For more information about work compensation, click here. For information on work cover and to find out more about work cover claims click here.


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