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work compensation lawyers law firms for justiceThere are a number of Australian work compensation lawyers or law firms. You need to be cautious. It is important to make sure you make the right choice. A lawyer who supports you fully throughout the duration of your work injury compensation claim for workplace injuries is essential.

You can be connected with a recommended lawyer; an expert under the work compensation laws in your State by calling 1300 430 834
These lawyers offer free legal advice and a free case review in 24 hours.

Engaging the right lawyer

Larger law firms may not give clients enough individual attention and you may feel like ‘just a number’ as one of a long list of clients. There is also a risk that your case may be passed between different lawyers and his can be unsettling for you. As you get used to talking to one lawyer you may then be shifted to another.

This can make the experience impersonal. It is always nice to deal with the same lawyer throughout the course of your work compensation claim. A lawyer who you can call anytime, to ask about the progress of your work compensation claim is the ideal scenario.

Many Australian law firms take work compensation cases on a no win no fee basis. No win no fee means you won’t pay anything until the end of your claim and only if your claim is successful. In some States and Territories you may not be charged legal fees at all and the insurer pays a set fee if a case is successful. In these cases a solicitor cannot charge you, even if the case is unsuccessful.

However, some of the smaller law firms who take cases on a no win no fee basis, may not be financially secure enough to finance the cost of processing and running your claim. As your claim develops there are ‘disbursements’ that need to be paid for and which include medical reports and other documentation to support your work compensation claim. The last thing you need is a law firm going broke before you have received your work compensation.

By calling 1300 430 834 you can be connected with a law firm that is the appropriate size, will treat you as an individual and charge reasonably for the work they do. These law firms will charge you at the end of your claim when you have received your work compensation and only if your claim is successful. We only work with law firms who have the right expertise and excellent negotiating ability to ensure the best result for you as the injured worker.

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