Work Cover

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions when people with workplace injuries contact us which may help you. If you have any other questions about work cover, work compensation – injury compensation for workplace injuries, please call the Australian injury helpline on 1300 430 834.

Who is work cover?

Work cover is a work compensation insurance company or a statutory body. If you are an employer it is compulsory to have work compensation insurance.

A work compensation insurance company offers statutory benefits that are given to workers who have experienced workplace injuries and these may include;

• Payment of wages or salary
• Hospital expenses
• Medical expenses
• Rehabilitation expenses
• Travelling expenses
• Lump sum payment

How does the process work?

Let’s start at the very beginning to ensure the correct procedures are followed. We have put them in point form so it is easier for you to understand;

• You experience workplace injuries
• You notify your employer
• You get the right medical attention (this is very important to prove it is as a result of the workplace injury)
• Your employer (or in some cases your doctor) puts through your claim for work compensation
• Work compensation (i.e. work cover) pay your wages while you are off work and cover your out of pocket expenses
• You speak to the Australian Injury Helpline on 1300 430 834for independent information and get fact sheets on work compensation
• When your injury stabilises, you will be sent to a workcover medical specialist to assess your injury
• If your injury is permanent your injury will be given a ‘percentage of impairment’
• Never accept an offer of a lump sum payment until you have received a second or even third opinion
• If your injury was a result of negligence you may need to be referred to a reputable law firm. The Australian Injury Helpline offer a referral service to hand selected law firms that offer free legal advice and take cases on a no win no fee basis so it won’t cost you anything to make a claim for work compensation

What is a lump sum payment?

When an injury is permanent you may be offered a lump sum payment. This follows a medical examination where a percentage is given for the level of impairment. The percentage given is an opinion of one medical professional, another Doctor may allocate a different percentage and this is something to bear in mind and it would be wise to get a second opinion by calling 1300 430 834.

If work cover cuts you off, rejects your claim or won’t pay your medical expenses or deducts medical expenses from your pay call the Australian Injury Helpline on 1300 430 834 and we may be able to guide you in the right direction.


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