Fighting to get an injury claim settlement along with all your entitlements

fall workplace accidentSometimes when we suffer an injury we can be more vulnerable than normal. The last thing we feel like doing is reporting the incident, filling out claim paperwork and making phone calls explaining how the injury occurred and why we should receive compensation. One important thing to remember is that you don’t have to go it alone and feel the stress on top of the pain and discomfort of your injury. Dealing with the aftermath of an accident or injury can be quite overwhelming.

To make things a bit easier, you or a relative can call an independent helpline who will provide free information, send out forms and arrange free legal advice if required. Call 1800 006 766 for free support today. One call may help you in many ways and you can get all your questions answered.

It is really important to write down everything you can remember about the events leading up to your injury. If there has been negligence from any party then that negligence must be clearly proven in order to receive injury compensation under common law.

It’s all too easy to forget things and so keeping all the details written down early on as over time it can be easy to forget. Gathering as much as you can like photos, statements and other written information will help support your claim.

It is not your job to prove negligence as that is the job of a lawyer. However, if you can gather as much information as you can to support your claim this will help you a great deal and will help the lawyer too.

Never assume an accident is your fault or partly your fault you might be completely wrong. Sometimes there are things occurring behind the scenes that you do not know about like a previous similar incident caused by the same reasons. It is the job of an employer to make sure injuries are prevented wherever possible. If your injury could have been prevented in any way, someone was likely to be negligent.

Negligence is an area of the law that is very complex and a lawyer will ask all the right questions to find out if your injury could have been prevented in any way. If an injury was preventable then you may be entitled to a common law injury compensation claim. This is a separate claim oufall workplace accidenttside of statutory work compensation entitlements and may be worth much more to you. Strict time limits do apply so contacting a work compensation helpline sooner rather than later is recommended.

Get the advice you need today call 1800 006 766 for free advice today.