Workers Compensation Claims

Workers compensation claims will go through a general application process. Your work compensation claim is lodged with the workers compensation insurer (i.e. work cover).workers compensation claims

Injury compensation is to compensate a person for loss of earnings and any expenses resulting from a workplace injury. Workers compensation claims include benefits such as:

• Loss of earnings (wages or salary)
• Hospital and medical expenses
• Expenses relating to rehabilitation
• Modification expenses (car or home)
• Other reasonable expenses i.e. travel

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The way the work compensation process is set out does vary from State to State and by calling the Australian Injury Helpline you can find out what to expect. For free information call 1300 430 834.

Any issues with work cover claims, the insurance company (i.e. work cover) we may be able to assist. Whether you have a work cover claim that is accepted or rejected it is still important to know the following;

• How the work compensation process works
• Information on work cover claims
• What your work compensation options are
• Whether or not you need legal advice for your workplace injuries
• Referral service to a recommended specialist law firm (if applicable)

As the laws in each State or Territory have different laws, your options and rights much depend on where your injury happened. In different parts of Australia there are different time limits, thresholds and laws that apply under the individual work compensation State legislation.

If your workplace injuries happened due to the negligence of a colleague, employer or other business then you may have other injury compensation available outside of normal work compensation (i.e. work cover).

Workers comp is available to you to assist you with recovery and reimburse you for out of pocket expenses and you may be entitled to lodge a common law claim which is injury compensation awarded as a lump sum payment.

All workplace injuries are different and cases of work compensation are based on the facts. All variables need to be reviewed and negligence needs to be clearly proven. If you would like to discuss a common law claim (or negligence claim) with a work compensation lawyer call 1300 430 834 and we will brief the appropriate law firm.


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