Have people who judge those on Work Compensation ever suffered injuries at work? Probably not

There are sometimes negative attitudes towards those who are on work compensation or who make a lump sum claim in the form of injury compensation.

Injuries and illnesses can be extremely detrimental in a person’s life causing all kinds of issues. As well as physically, it can be a painfully emotional time for a person and their families. Then there is the financial stress of not working and not getting paid on top the other worries of will I get better or when will I be able to go back to work if at all?.

work compensation people who judge those on workers compIsn’t it about time the attitude of ‘Ambulance chaser’ or ‘someone on benefits’ stopped? These ‘judgers’ have no right to judge and obviously have no idea. Have they ever suffered an injury at work? We are thinking probably not. While I would never wish an injury upon anyone I do believe that fellow colleagues and people in general shouldn’t be so narrow-minded. Instead of thinking in such a black and white way how about we all use some empathy?

Perhaps they think the injured person is somehow ‘lucky’ to be off work and getting paid for it. This attitude is appalling and narrow minded to say the least. How could anyone be jealous of someone who is suffering? It is simply crazy.

People who claim compensation deserve to be compensated. We spend many years of our life at work and have a right to safe working conditions and compensation for any injuries sustained at work. If your house was robbed would you put a contents insurance claim through? Of course you would, as that is the purpose of insurance. At work the work compensation insurer i.e. WorkCover pays the compensation it doesn’t come out of an employer’s pocket.

People’s lives and people’s health and well being is far more important than money or possessions or the cost of an insurance premium. Employers have work compensation insurance to protect the worker and the employer and to make sure an injured worker receives benefits such as re-imbursement of expenses and losses such as wages or a salary. Injury compensation is a person’s legal right. If these laws did not exist work conditions may be worse.

workers comp workcover judgersIn many cases injuries at work could have been prevented with better equipment, training or working conditions. If an injury could have been preventable somehow, then the employer may be deemed negligent. A claim for negligence is a separate claim outside of statutory work compensation that compensates workers for serious work injuries.

The sort of people who judge those on workers comp benefits is probably the sort of person who judges anyone on any kind of benefit like unemployment benefits. Instead of thinking what a shame they can’t get a job they automatically think they are some sort of beach bum who doesn’t wish to work. While there will always be a small minority of people who milk the system most people are just like you and me. Hard working, doing an honest day’s work, and providing for our families.