Work Place Injuries

Workplace injuries are common as most of us spend one third of our life at work. Workplace injuries can have a detrimental impact on a persons’ life. You or a loved one may never be the same again. You may never be able to return to work and carry out the simple tasks in your everyday life without support. You can get information on work cover and work compensation for workplace injuries to help you in the best way by calling the Australian injury Helpline on 1300 430 834

Workplace injuries do occur for a number of different reasons. Instant medical attention and a focus on rehabiltation is a priority. However a work compensation claim (Work Cover claim) will need to be filed. Work cover provide benefits such as lost wages and expenses as a result of injuries.

When your injury has settled it may be permanent. When workplace injuries are permanent it means you might be entitled to non statutory benefits. These benefits may be a much larger lump sum awarded for future losses and  you may also be awarded for pain and suffering. Negligence needs to be clearly proven or even partial negligence.

Back injuries are common. When a spine is damaged it will prevent you from doing a number of things. Employers have a responsibility to provide safe working conditions. It is compulsory to hold work compensation insurance, in case of workplace injuries.

What to do, if you have been injured

If your injury is serious, get medical attention straight away as your health is priority. Ask a colleague or your boss to call an ambulance for you.

Your boss needs to know about the accident as everything needs to be documented. Your boss will then lodge a claim for work compensation.

Once your claim has been lodged, call the Australian Injury Helpline on 1300 430 834 to get the facts on work compensation. By knowing the facts you can make informed decisions and be put in touch with legal professionals who are reputable and tick all the boxes.

Work compensation benefits

Work compensation is available to anyone who has been injured whilst working in Australia as an ‘employee’. If you are an independent contractor you may still have rights and it is important to call the Australian Injury Helpline on 1800 006 766.

Statutory benefits may include wages, hospital and medical expenses, the cost of rehabilitation and travel costs may also be covered. If your injury is permanent you will also be entitled to a lump sum payment and we provide information on this as what it may be will vary depending on where the workplace injuries occurred. Call 1300 430 834 for a fact sheet on lump sum payments.

Work cover claims

Work cover claims include benefits that take into account losses and expenses. However, if you think you will have any future losses or expenses following your workplace injury it is best to get further information by calling 1300 430 834.

If you have a dispute with work cover, regarding work cover claims we can point you in the right direction.

Injury compensation is available to you and making sure you are adequately supported following workplace injuries will make a difference in your life.

For a fact sheet on workers comp call 1300 430 834. Information is at hand for everything you need to know about injury compensation.


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