Work Compensation and Rehabilitation

When you have suffered workplace injuries and a claim has been lodged for work compensation (i.e. through work cover) the most important thing is to look after yourself, your health and well being to assist the recovery and rehabilitation process.

Adjusting to life following workplace injuries can take time and it is important to take all the help that is available and this may be financially or medically.

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Work compensation (or workers comp) may cover your wages (fully or partially) and expenses, until your injury is stable.

If your injury is serious you should never negotiate injury compensation until your injury has ‘stabilised’ meaning it will not get any better or any worse and is now ‘stable’.  When an injury has stabilised, medical professionals can determine if the workplace injuries are permanent. If your workplace injury is permanent, you may be offered a lump sum payment.

Before a lump sum payment can be offered the work compensation insurer (i.e. work cover) will want to measure the level of permanent impairment and allocate a percentage. They have their own medical professionals who assess you and their allocated percentage is ‘in their opinion’. Another independent medical professional may allocate an alternative percentage and this may impact your rights to a common law claim.

Whatever percentage has been given (even 0%) it may still mean you can proceed to common law. However, you will need to be connected with a legal professional to discuss your circumstances and we can help you with this.

Once a percentage has been allocated they may then offer you a ‘lump sum payment. Never accept an offer of a lump sum payment until you have spoken to the Australian Injury Helpline on 1300 430 834, as your future rights could be affected.

In some States or Territories there are thresholds that apply to common law claims and this determines whether you are able to claim, and what you are able to claim. Call the Australian Injury Helpline on 1300 430 834 for the facts.


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