Preventing Workplace Injuries and Work Accidents

Workplace Injuries and Work Accidents – Who is At Fault?

There has been a lot of speculation recently regarding safety in the workplace to prevent workplace injuries and work accidents.

If an employer is found at fault following a work accident the company safety standards may have to be reviewed and improved. This is essentially good as working environments are constantly changing and improving all the time.

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Working hours a contributing factor

A typical nine to five day for many companies has become a thing of the past. Many companies are offering flexible working hours i.e. to suit working mothers and indeed to suit the needs of a changing lifestyle. Part-time work has also become common and this can lead to a higher level of productivity a high level of morale and a positive staff attitude.

The number of hours an employee works may have an impact on a persons’ health and therefore overworking can directly contribute towards a workplace accident.

In the cases of serious injuries where the employer is found to be at fault, a worker may be entitled to injury compensation under common law.

Employers and employees are equally responsible

As well as employers taking responsibility, employees are also required to take responsibility at work. Proper conduct is a given as employees need to consider the safety of their working environment and their fellow workers. Such examples might include;

  • Making sure their job is carried out properly
  • Making sure they are up to the task and unaffected by poor health or tiredness
  • Making sure all equipment is in working order and reporting any faults
  • Not causing an obstruction and reporting any dangers
  • Making sure safety clothing and equipment is used and used properly
  • Taking responsibility for yourself and looking out for others
  • Reporting any workplace injuries or work accidents to the employer

Employers have a responsibility to train their staff and make sure they are fully aware of safety procedures and the proper conduct of what is expected of them.

Communication is paramount

Serious injuries can leave workers unable to work, or unable to carry out their usual employee responsibilities. A worker might have to take another role within the company or even take another job. Some employees are not so lucky. They may never walk again let alone return o the workplace. Such cases are tragic and do happen.

Companies and organisations working together with staff to ensure safety at work, is vital in order to prevent workplace accidents and workplace injuries from happening.

If in the event of a work accident a worker is entitled to work compensation. When serious workplace injuries have occurred, it is a good idea to seek independent advice from an injury helpline such as the Australian Injury Helpline. Click here to contact us or call 1800 006 766.

Work compensation can be complex and you need to be aware of your legal rights and entitlements. An employer or work compensation insurer i.e. Work Cover might not tell you everything. A helpline will offer an independent review and arrange advice if required. If you are unable to return to work due to a work accident you may be entitled to a loss of future income and it is important to seek advice.

Slips, Trips and Falls in the Workplace are Usually Due to Negligence

A slip trip or fall in the workplace can leave a worker with often quite serious workplace injuries. An employee may be off work for several weeks or months.

If an employee has suffered a workplace accident, they are entitled to work compensation regardless of who is at fault.  Usually in a slip trip or fall case, someone has been negligent.

If a worker is making an injury compensation claim, it is also extremely wise to seek legal counsel. A work injury lawyer can offer invaluable advice making a real difference to the outcome of your case.

If you have suffered a trip slip or fall at work, or in a public place contact us or call 1800 006 766.

Finding  solicitor waho specialises in slip trip or fall cases or indeed any workplace accident can be a task in itself. An injury helpline such as the Australian Injury Helpline can point you in the right direction. Helpline providers have a list of specialist lawyers offering free legal advice and take cases on a no win no fee basis.

Trip and falls at work are a common kind of workplace accident. Such accidents can occur under a variety of circumstances. Even in relatively safe workplace environments, such incidents can still occur. Types of slip trip and fall accidents include;

  • Falling down stairs
  • Tripping over an obstacle on the workplace floor or in a doorway
  • Slipping on a wet floor
  • Falling off office chairs, scaffolding etc.
  • Items falling from above such as shelves, files or boxes

Typical injuries from a slip trip or fall at work include sprains, broken bones, back injuries and head injuries. Such injuries can be permanent affecting a worker for the rest of their life.

Determining negligence is the job of a lawyer. When it comes to determining negligence, no case is black and white. The right questions need to be asked of the right people and evidence needs to be gathered. To discuss your matter with a lawyer call 1800 006 766.

Work compensation will cover all medical costs and the cost of rehabilitation and cover your wages or salary while you are away from work.  An experienced work injury lawyer may be able to fight for much more than just past losses and expenses.

An experienced lawyer may prepare a common law claim. A common law claim is a separate claim outside of workers comp in which a case for negligence is presented. If you are eligible to claim you may also be awarded future losses and expenses (or future economic losses). In addition you may be awarded a lump sum payment for your pain and suffering.

A work injury lawyer can assist an injured worker by fighting for everything to which a worker is entitled.  This may mean a greater amount of injury compensation is awarded as the future is also taken into account.

Many work injury lawyers take cases on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. This usually means there are no up-front or ongoing costs. Be careful when choosing a no win no fee lawyer. It is always best to go with one recommended by an independent organisation such as the Australian Injury Helpline.

Slips trips and falls at work can have devastating consequences. Quite often a worker can feel ashamed, embarrassed and feel it is their fault. It is important to stop and ask the question – could this injury have been prevented? Why did it happen and is anyone to blame?

A slip trip or fall can happen to anyone whether at work or in a public place. Compensation benefits assist with recovery and losses past, present and future. If an injury could have been prevented there is negligence involved. Employers have a duty to ensure safety at work and when conditions have been unsafe causing an injury, this truth needs to be addressed.

Remember, even if your slip trip or fall happened in the last three years you may still have rights. Never accept an offer of a lump sum from a work compensation insurer such as Work Cover until you have obtained independent advice from an injury helpline or work injury lawyer. For further information contact us on 1800 006 766.

Work Accidents preventable by Anger Management and a Safe Working Environment

Anger in the workplace can lead to all sorts of issues. If an anger issue is against the employer, this can impact all areas of the business. Through identifying anger in the workplace, problems such as angry workers or angry bosses can potentially be resolved through using anger management techniques.

Is your boss angry?

What are the usual signs of an angry boss? If he or she shouts or screams or is generally negative then they may be suffering from a serious case of frustration driven anger.

An angry boss who bullies workers is a serious matter. This management approach may affect staff psychologically and an employer could be considered negligent. A worker may qualify for work compensation. A stress claim can be tough to prove and an employers’ conduct may be investigated.

Are you an angry worker?

Are you angry each day when you wake up to go to work? If you are, you may be suffering from suppressed anger, which may erupt at any time when triggered. Everyday anger proves there is a problem and anger management can assist in overcoming regular expressions of anger. Getting to the root of the problem is a technique forming part of the program.

Identifying types of anger at work

Angry staff can contribute to the overall ‘energy’ and culture of a workplace. Notoriously the most productive staff are ‘happy’ staff or at least content. Being satisfied with their environment, colleagues, job to do and payment received, are all important factors.

Feeling safe at work is also extremely important as feeling unsafe can cause fear, anxiety and tension in the workplace. As employers have a duty of care it is their responsibility to ensure safe working conditions. Work Compensation insurance is compulsory in Australia and an employer must have Work Compensation insurance by law. This applies to all States and Territories across Australia.

Work compensation will protect both the worker and employer. For example, if a worker is injured they require time off work to recover. In this case, the work compensation insurer (i.e. Work Cover) pays the workers’ wages whilst they are absent. The work compensation insurer may also offer benefits to workers such as hospital, medical and rehabilitation expenses and so forth.

In the cases of a serious work accident resulting in a permanent injury, the Workers Comp insurer may offer a lump sum payment. This lump sum payment may be increased further if there has been negligence. If an accident was caused as a result of an employers’ negligence or the negligence of a fellow worker, the injured worker may be entitled to a common law claim. The Workers Comp insurer will also have to pay this and not the employer.

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