Work Compensation Finally Awarded for Hero Worker!

When a worker does their best and performs well it’s all an employer can ask. However, when McDonalds employee Nigel Haskett suffered workplace injuries his employer refused to pay his work compensation.

While on the job, a fight had broken out in McDonalds whereby a man had hit a woman. Haskett removed the man from the premises. The man then shot him several times. He had quite possibly saved the woman’s life and had also protected workers and other customers from being injured.

The reason for refusing to pay work compensation is because Haskett was injured outside of his scope of duties as reported by McDonalds. Defending a defenceless woman was not in his job description.

Haskett was asking for $300,000 to cover his medical bills and initially they refused. However he appointed a lawyerwho rightfully fought and won his work compensation claim.

The moral of the story is “Even if your claim is rejected it may still have a chance”. Quite often insurance companies offer low payouts, or no payout. Even WorkCover reject claims if not enough information is provided. You can contest the outcome with the right help.

If your claim is rejected you can contact an injury helpline such as the Australian Injury Helpline. Rejected motor vehicle claims and Work Cover claims or negligence claims may still have a chance. Even if you have suffered a slip trip or fall in a public place you may still have a chance to win. A rejected claim does not necessarily mean the end. If you allow an independent party take a look they will be able to offer their opinion.

You can have any decision reviewed by a lawyer who will ask a series of questions regarding your claim. If they believe you have good grounds to challenge the decision they will tell you so. An injury helpline such as the Australian Injury Helpline can connect you with a local no win no fee lawyer for free legal advice.

Contesting the decision is certainly a way forward and possible light at the end of the tunnel. Haskett got justice and so may you, if the decision is revoked. Every situation has a fighting chance you just need to be connected with the right specialist who will ask all the right questions.

Establishing negligence is the job of a lawyer. If negligence in not clearly established a claim may well be rejected. A no win no fee lawyer will prepare your claim in great detail with supporting documents and a list of scheduled items in which you are entitled to claim. A lawyer essentially builds your claim and this means, you have a greater chance of winning. To be connected with a lawer for free legal advice call 1800 006 766 .

When cases are taken on a no win no fee basis, it means there are no up-front or ongoing costs. No win no fee offers peace of mind. You know you won’t end up with a big bill when your income is limited because of your injury. All running costs and disbursements regarding your claim are financed by the lawyer or law firm appointed. Some no win no fee arrangements may exclude disbursements.

You do need to be wary of no win no fee arrangements as they are not always what they seem to be. An injury helpline will point you in the right direction with an approved recommended scheme.